Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ensure Complete Security of Your Android Device by Installing an Android Firewall

In the last years Android devices have taken the lead in market share. But as the demand for Android based smart phones/tablets is increasing so does the need for a robust and efficient firewall to protect these devices. Here are some important points on how to ensure complete security of your Android device by installing a popular Android fire .

Don’t get confused-install Mobiwol
  • If you are little confused about which anti-virus or firewall to install on your Android smart phone or tablet then look no further as Mobiwolprobably your best bet.
  • Mobiwol is consideredthe best no-root firewall for Android andcanit is free to download from Google Play.
  • Mobiwol is compatible with all the latest versions of the Android OS making it a first choice for any new Android device.

What is so special about Mobiwol?
  • Mobiwol isa flexible option for monitoringand controlling the data connections that gets initiated by the apps on your smartphone/tabletand goes a long way in keeping your data within your monthly limit and to prevent data leakage by background app activity.
  • Another great thing about Mobiwol is that it also helps increasthe battery life of yoursmart phone.
  • You can allow or block apps asyou wish,which is great ifyou aresuspicious about a particularapp
  • Mobiwol also gives you the important option to decide which apps cansend data in thebackgroundpreventing battery drainage
  • You can alsomonitorhow much datahas been consumed and you can enable or disable the real time notifications.
  • Mobiwol is the original NO ROOT firewall. Most Android firewall apps ask for root permissions, however rooting your device leaves it open to exploitation and unsecure. Mobiwol gives you the benefits of a full Android firewall, without jeopardizing the security of your phone.
Log into Google Play to download Mobiwol and secure your Android device.With so many benefits andcomplete flexibility, it is an easy decision.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Most Effective Root Free Firewall

There's immeasurable speak latterly regarding leaky apps: Angry Birds and Google Maps square measure among the smart phone apps defendant of informing the govt all regarding World Health Organization you're and what you have been up to, as Nick Statt reported late last month.
Root free firewall recent journal post by Fabric Malenkovich of the protection firm Kasper sky Labs queries the requirement for the newest version of Facebook's android app to mechanically access your SMS messages to facilitate the service's two-factor authentication.

Granted, Facebook and different app developers have utterly legitimate reasons for wanting automatic access to your phone's network affiliation. Root free firewall does not modification the actual fact that there is a mountain of information being sent from your phone: a number of its reaching to parties you recognize regarding, and a few of it heading for components unknown.

Root free firewall the past, the sole thanks to install a firewall on associate robot phone was to root. Grey Shirts' Root free firewall works while not requiring that you simply root your robot phone, because the name implies. The program helps you to grant or block access to your phone's apps one at a time. The developer claims firewall without root do not got to disclose your location or number to use the firewall.
The first time you open the app you are prompted to change the virtual personal network affiliation. Firewall without root warned that you are granting the program permission to intercept all network traffic, thus you ought to do thus on condition that you trusts the program. Once the firewall is active, apps trying to access the network square measure listed on the unfinished Access tab. Press either permit or Deny for every app. Firewall without root of many system parts square measure granted access by default and square measure shown on the Apps tab. Check boxes next to every entry allow you to permit or block the program's access to your wireless network and/or your cell network. 
Give apps network access solely on demand. It is used to dam all apps on the robot phone then grant access one at a time. I additionally granted then revoked access to 2 e-mail apps and a news web site. In my restricted testing, the program worked while not a hitch.
It does not take long for the unfinished access requests to bring together, however neither will it take abundant time to figure through the list to grant or deny access to the apps.
Whether robot phones want a firewall is associate open question. when some of days of exploitation No Root Firewall, it seems that having one does not cause any issues, once you have convinced yourself that you simply will trust the developer with access to any or all the information being transferred to and from your device.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Secure Your Android Device With Mobiwol Android Firewall

Are you concerned about your Android Security and looking for the best android app which can resolve issue of data management and data leakage? If the answer of this question is yes then Mobiwol android application is really a wonderful choice for you, which is an effective Android Firewall without Root that can help you to access internet at a fast speed on your android device with loss of information and data leakage issues. Mobiwol is a special android app which makes use of a VPN connection only for the purpose of monitoring incoming as well as outgoing traffic on the android without taking any kind of permission from root. It is a general observation that rooting on the android device is a very complex process which may cause damage to the device if the android user doesn’t know anything about how to implement rooting on android device.

VPN role in Mobiwol Firewall PP

Rooting of an android device is a very complex procedure which compromises with privacy of android user and by default grants ALL permission for accessing data which proves to be somehow risky when it comes to data security of heavy companies. The Mobiwol android app requires no rooting permission and protects the routing of traffic to external servers. For accessing the information on the android app, android users are given no external entity and information’s completely remain secure through established network. Android Firewall without Root software make best use of VPN package for creation of a firewall setting through every data packet passes whether that data sent or received by application device. The device app is used for monitoring data traffic and results in attribution of both incoming and outgoing data to Mobiwol.

 Specialty of Mobiwol

Mobiwol offers amazing Android Security to the devices as it is blessed with the special feature of Data Usage which can check data usage on each app. The request on the VPN approval generally comes from the Android operating system and the android user can’t get rid of such VPN approval request because the information’s on android are bypassed through root permissions only. In this manner, the Mobiwol android app is really a wonderful app that is blessed with the special feature of Wi-Fi tethering and Wi-Fi hotspots. This android app offers security to the application device that prevents data leakage issue on android device to great extent. So, use Mobiwol right now for data accessing and security.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Reasons to Use Android Firewall

Installing Android firewall can be a great way to enjoy a smooth trouble free phone user experience. It is always recommended to utilize no root firewall so that one can install the application on any Android device. Unanimous advertisers are the biggest threat as far as deteriorating user experience is concerned. Android phones are flooded with both online and offline apps. These advertisers make the user experience nearly poor, kill battery and may even consume the internet data units. Therefore, it is essential to install Android firewall without root so that you can control your phone’s activity with ease. The firewall enables you to control the app permissions to access the web or not.

There could be chances that your phone is accessed by such advertisers in the background. There are some advertisers with their main motive to allocate spam software or applications all around. Thus, you can be victim if there is no Android firewall app is installed onto your phone. Some firewall apps even provide reports of data usage which makes it easier for users to track the phone’s activity even if any unanimous application is being access from the background. Also, you can set limit to your data usage so that your internet automatically stops during over limit accessing.
With more and more usage of Android and smartphones, almost everything is controlled by our mobile phones. In such circumstances, it becomes quite hard to protect the personal information store within. You never know if any malicious application is accessing your phone data or information right from the background of your handset. Regain control over your phone activity by utilizing Android firewall app now. Thousands of spyware and malware may attack your Android phone system via spammy advertisement. Therefore, protect the data usage and privacy by installing a reliable Android firewall to keep it safe and viruses free.
Few benefits of firewall
Having Android firewall installed on your phone helps you to gain control over hardware components which in turns prevents undervolting and overclocking. It speeds up the performance of gadget by improving the working of processor and RAM. There are numerous firewall apps available in Google Store, some are paid while some free. It is always recommended to utilize a paid Android firewall in order to avail various benefits. These premium applications are especially crafted to enhance user experience.
You can also consider Mobiwol firewall without root which can be installed over any kind of Android device. So, decide yourself and invest in quality Android firewall to increase privacy and other concerns associated with your Android gadget!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Keep your Smartphone Application Info Secure with Mobiwol

Smartphone has become an essential part of our life because it can perform task of daily routines with ease and comfort. It has taken control of human life completely and this lead to some security related issues of private information of smartphone user because many malicious application are reveled in the technological world that can cause maximum damage to the working of smartphone. To get rid of such malicious effect on the smartphone, you as a user of smartphone must use the Root Free Firewall application that can not only monitor the data connections of your application device but also can control the data connections which are initiated by your application device. No Root Firewall application like Mobiwol is one of the fine and most trustable application software which can regain control of smartphones and other mobile applications with great ease and comfort.

Special Features of Mobiwol
Mobiwol is a perfect Root Free Firewall application which opens the VPN package during its working for the purpose of gain accessing to the traffic present on the application which in turn creates an impression that a VPN connection has been created for the application proper functioning. VPN package is used by the Mobiwol only for monitoring the traffic which are both incoming and outgoing to the application device which can be disable anytime by the user of the application despite of the permission for accessing the applications. Use of VPN on the Mobiwol is highly recommend for protecting the personal information of smart phone user than Rooting the device because rooting of devices like smartphone is really a very complicated process which can grant all permission to access the device by default. This feature is very dangerous to keep the information secure of smartphone applications.

Utility of VPN on Mobiwol
Mobiwol offers the best use of VPN to keep the information of the device user completely safe as it do not route the traffic coming to the device to nay external server. Mobiwol prohibits the use of any external entity for the accessing of personal data of smartphone user and also it never make any kind of compromise with the established VPN which makes it complete safe to use smartphone device.

Mobiwol Data Usage feature
Mobiwol make use of device’s VPN package for the creation of a firewall and nowadays it is being offered with the special Data Usage feature which allows the smartphone user to check data usage for each apps used by them. To sue the data usage feature of No Root Firewall, the user of smartphone needs to choose the data Usage from the home screen. The Mobiwol is not compatible to the toe WiFi which can lead to some unfavorable conditions like WiFi hotspots and WiFi Tethering on the application device.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Many Benefits of Root Free Firewall

If you are troubled due to continuous popping up of ads while using internet in your phone then you must install an effective ad blocking program or application first. It is a fact that everyone nowadays got one or another kind of messages in their phones which makes the users extremely annoying. In order to fix this trouble, you can now install root free firewall which is gaining the attention of Android and iPhone users just like a wildfire. It is an amazing application which you can utilize to block ads and thus prevents overbilling. It not only prevents you from being over charged but also save the battery of phone which is an added advantage. 

Automatic internet accessing is one of the crucial troubles for most Smartphone and Android users. However, by downloading root free firewall, you can prevent such unauthorized internet accessing easily. You can enable and disable the application via just single click. You can install the widget in your phone from Google Play but make sure to read all the instruction carefully before using the application. Distraction from ads and other applications ruin the user experience ridiculously but not with no root firewall. You can easily configure all the connections to allow or disallow various applications. 

Every phone user must aware of incoming and outgoing network activities as far as security and tariff charges are concerned. Yes, you can monitor or control your network activities by utilizing root free firewall application. It is one of the best ways to keep those hackers away who utilize malwares either to hack or corrupt the phone systems. In this way, you can set the network commands according to your preferences. It is very obvious that most malware and Trojan like harmful viruses attack a system via ads and this where you can utilize root free firewall to keep your system fully secure and safe. 

By downloading root free firewall in your handset, you can control all your apps amazingly. Interestingly, it also notifies you whenever your phone catches any other network out of Home network and thus you can prevent unintentional downloading and obviously tariff charges. The best part is that root free firewall app notifies you immediately when you restart the phone. In this way, you can configure the app instantly resulting in saving both money & battery.

So, utilize many other benefits of root free firewall and enjoy a unique secure system like never before. Make sure to test the network connection after making any changes.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Control Your Mobile Apps With Root Free Firewall

Are you troubled due to various ads popping up while browsing in your Android, Smartphone or tablet? Are you looking for a superb alternative to block ads in your mobile? Well, good news for guys like you as root free firewall is available now it is one of the best choices to block ads, save battery and to prevent overbilling. Yes, the best part of this program is that it automatically blocks internet to access internet which in results prevent any apps to get started automatically. It not only prevents behind the screen internet access but also saves the life of mobile battery.
No root fire wall is a wonderful app available on Google Play that you can download in your Android, Smartphone or tablets. The widget can be enabled via single click and works amazingly for users. There is not even a single distraction from this app as it works according to your command. You can set the figures or actions as per your need, that’s it. Yes, it is true that you can configure which connections to allow internet and which are not. It is a great way to keep the hackers and other malwares at bay. Interestingly, by using this incredible app, you can monitor both incoming and outgoing network traffic which is really awesome for those who understand its significance.
It is a fact that lots of malwares and Trojans come from ads. Therefore, it is essential to add constraints in order to keep your gadget browsing safe. Also, the major issue for most mobile users is the behind the screen browsing or updating which is really itching for some users. Root free firewall is one of the best options to stop unnecessary browsing and updating of apps. It not only saves your mobile battery but also prevent you from being overpaid due to over used internet data. Whenever you will come across a new open source Wi-Fi network, this app notifies about it. Afterwards, you can either stop browsing or may use internet according to your choice.
Overall, it can be said that you will have complete control over your mobile apps by downloading this program. Now, you can easily block or allow the connectivity of your apps and you will be alerted as well when new apps on your mobile tries to access the internet. Root free firewall launch automatically on start up of your gadget. It recognize all the applications installed already on you device and thus provide the simplified but intelligent Android security. It is a great way to save battery and money when you do not want to use data connection. After enabling the app, make sure to test it by browsing the internet to confirm the connectivity.
So, download root free firewall now and scrutinize everything even behind the screen!